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According to the EC Communication on Clean Power for Transport: A European alternative fuels strategy - "A consistent long-term strategy on alternative fuels has to meet the energy needs of all transport modes and be consistent with the EU 2020 strategy, including decarbonisation. However, the alternatives available and their cost differ between modes. The benefits of alternative fuels are initially larger in urban areas where pollutant emissions are of great concern and in freight transport where alternatives have reached a sufficient level of maturity. For certain modes of transport, in particular long-distance road freight and aviation, limited alternatives are available. There is no single fuel solution for the future of mobility and all main alternative fuel options must be pursued, with a focus on the needs of each transport mode. A strategic approach for the Union to meet the long-term needs of all transport modes must therefore build on a comprehensive mix of alternative fuels. For this challange we are looking for suggestions on how to best utilise the benefits of electric propulsion, when combining the modes in the door to door transport chain. E.g. is it feasible to use electric vans and trucks for more than urban transportation?

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