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The current developing/technological trend of EVs on the market is describing a race between ICE vehicles and EVs. While the ICE industry has reached a dominant design (a standardized model) and a constant growth, the EV industry hasn’t. This progress is typical for new industries. The emergence of the dominant design can arise from a great consumer adoption of a specific model or from becoming a dominant design in a particular market followed by a general market adoption. Other reported emergences in new industries depict the intervention of the public authorities through public procurement of innovation. Regardless of the pathway, it is of interest that the process of dominant design emergence to increase its velocity so that the market uptake becomes standardized. In this challenge, a possible solution shall be provided considering the continuation of ICE and EV competition on the general market or to limit the market extension for the EV so that the competition is more focused and specialized.

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      • Michael Laugesen
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