Introducing Crowdsourcing

  • The original idea behind crowdsourcing consists of gathering ideas/solutions from large groups of people usually through online media. Usually a party owning a challenge/issue/problem posts it on an online platform and “solvers” answer the challenge with their solution(s). Typically there is an incentive (price/reward) provided by the interested party for the solvers to get involved and provide innovative solutions.

    In the E-mobility NSR Forum, crowdsouricng has been adapted to the specific needs of the project. After the challenges have been posted, the solvers/users can choose which challenge to solve.

    The award criteria from each challenge gives guidelines in regards to what the solution should contain. A “reply” to another user’s challenge is not qualifiying the user for the award unless a proper argumentation with improvements to the original post is given.

    Choosing the winner solver of the challenge stands in the choice of the challenge owner.

    All the prices/rewards will be handed over to the winners during a special session at the E-mobility conference on the 11th of April 2013 in London. If winners cannot be present at this conference, prices will be send to them directly.

    The E-mobility NSR Team wishes you good luck!